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Newest sets in 1/72 scale - released in January 17 2022 - FOR SALE NOW.
$ 6.50
T-34/85 Red Army. 1944-45. Flattened 1944 turret and Factory 183 Nizhni Tagil turret. VIEW
$ 6.50
SA Tanks and AFVs in Italy. South African Sherman IIA, Firefly VC, Sherman V AOP, M3A1 Scout Car, Humber SC. VIEW
$ 8.00
Allied Tank Destroyers in Italy. M10 TD. M10 Achilles. France, South Africa, New Zealand, US, Britain, Poland. VIEW
$ 8.00
British Shermans in Italy. Sherman Mk IIA (76mm), Sherman Mk III, Sherman MK III DD. VIEW
$ 6.50
British Royal Artillery in Italy. M7 Priest HMC, Sherman Command Tank, M3A1 Halftrack. VIEW
$ 6.50
Tiger I. sPzAbt 502 # 1. Initial / Early / Mid production Tigers. VIEW
$ 6.50
Tiger I. sPzAbt 502 # 2. Early / Mid production Tigers.1943-45. VIEW
$ 6.50
British Cromwell Mk IV / VI. From Normandy to Germany. VIEW
$ 8.00
ISAF-Afghanistan # 1. GECON - Peacekeepers from Germany. Wiesel I MK 20, Fuchs APC, Fuchs NBC, Fuchs Sanität. VIEW
$ 6.50
ISAF-Afghanistan # 2. Peacekeepers from France. Renault VAB, VAB Sanitaire, Panhard VBL. VIEW
$ 6.50
ISAF-Afghanistan # 3. Peacekeepers from Bulgaria, Hungary and Portugal. BRDM-2, BTR-80A, Panhard VBL. VIEW
$ 5.50
Tanks & AFVs in Cuba # 1. M4A3E8 Sherman, A34 Comet, Staghound, Greyhound, M3A1 Scout Car, M3A1 Stuart. VIEW
$ 5.50
Tanks & AFVs in Cuba # 2. T-34/85, IS-2M, T-54A, T-55, T-55A, T-62A, ZSU-57-2, BRDM-2 (9P122). VIEW
$ 6.50
REPRINT Battle for Berlin 45 # 2. SS-Nordland and Panthers. VIEW
$ 6.50
REPRINT Finnish Tanks in WW2 # 1. KV-1, Pz IV, ISU-152, T-37 and T-38. VIEW